Mt. Bierstadt ~ Colorado

Mt. Bierstadt.  14,065′.  My first successful 14er.

When I first began hiking, my partner had asked me if I wanted to be a 14er.

I had no idea what that was.  I was new to hiking.  Not getting lost in the canyon next to my house, was a challenge for me.

But I felt something rush through me, when I was asked that question.

I call it my match to gasoline feeling that shoots through my body, when something strikes me in just the right way.

A soulful nudge that tells me, I’m meant to do something.

I felt it that day.

So I said “Yes.  Yes, I do want to be a 14er.”

Then googled what that actually was.

Then learned all I could about how to complete this goal.

I hiked as much as possible.  Struggled to find any kind of altitude training near me at the time.  Kept at it and gave Mt. Whitney a shot.

Failed at shot #1.

Altitude sickness was the culprit.

Came back a year later, acclimated on Mt. Langley for a few days first, then tried again.

Failed at shot #2.

Nothing but snow above Mirror Lake and all the way up to Trail Crest.

We knew the snow was up there and came prepared with crampons and ice axes, but my partner and I felt we were a bit over our levels of expertise with the hike at that point, and decided to turn back.

I let the 14er goal move to the wayside for a few years.  Working on some other goals, like hiking the 50 states and learning more about energy healing.  I was able to check off 8 states, and felt proud of that and began learning about Reiki which brought a new kind of awareness to me.

2021 came around and my partner, once again, threw out the 14er goal at me.

There was that match to gasoline feeling, once again.

Hell, yes.  Let’s get it.

We chose Mt. Bierstadt.  A 14,065′ beauty located in the Mount Evans Wilderness of Pike National Forest.  A 7-mile out and back trail, that is considered one of the easier 14ers in Colorado.

There was still snow, but nothing like Whitney’s.

Goal was completed June 17, 2021.

We sat at the summit, in awe over the beauty of the views up there.

Much easier than Whitney, but still quite a challenge that we were proud of.

To make that summit even more special, my partner got down on his knee and proposed.

Following those soulful nudges have led me to my passions and some pretty fantastic experiences.

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