Iron Mountain ~ Poway, California

It took me 6 weeks to nail this hike down on my schedule. I kept marking it down on the calendar, and every time something came up that stopped me from going. Being the lady that thinks everything happens for a reason, I felt there was a reason for my hike getting interrupted. So I would put my Camelbak away and try for another day.

The day finally arrived where everything magically aligned and I made it to the trailhead of Iron Mountain in Poway, California. I had heard so many good things about this trail, and was eager to get out there and explore it. Leaving in the early hours, I arrived at the trailhead a little bit later than I had hoped. I was hoping for a sunrise hike, but I slept too late and sun was already up and popping its warm rays by the time I made it to the trailhead.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the Iron Mountain sign, poised over the trail that leads you to the 5.1 mile out and back, with a peak that boasts panoramic views of San Diego county, from the high mountains to the pacific ocean. Finally it was the right day to experience this trail.

The trail starts off under a lovely tree-lined path, with branches and leaves hanging over the trail. Very peaceful and beautiful. Take note, after that there is no shade at all, for the rest of the hike. I hiked along the path, finding many other hikers with their dogs and loads of trail runners. Everyone was friendly, encouraging one another on as we hiked our way up to the peak.

The smooth trail turned into a rocky one, and rock after rock I climbed up to the peak. A peak that was shrouded in brush, with views as far as I could see. Picnic tables had been placed up there, and I sat down at one to indulge in the views of San Diego that sprawled out before me.

A challenging hike, but I found it fun and loved every minute of it. I can’t recommend this one enough, to anyone wanting a challenge with very rewarding views at the top.

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