Lady In The Wild

Do you want to hike a 14er? I had this question presented to me by my now fiance, back in 2015. I had to google what a 14er was, because I had never heard of it before. After discovering a 14er was a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000 feet, I had a feeling rush through me. It felt like a spark that was ignited. A rush that basically changed my life.

It was the beginning of my hiking career. Heck yes I wanted to hike a 14er! From that day on, I looked at all mountains very differently. I began learning how to hike. Starting small with local canyons and preserves. Then moved to longer, more challenging hikes. We picked Mt. Whitney as our first 14er. We took our shot at that summit, but was turned away due to my altitude sickness. Acclimation is an important part of this journey. We had a bit to learn still, so it seemed.

Hiking has become a sacred part of my life. Nature has become my salve for pretty much everything. It’s in climbing the mountains, where I face myself. My ultimate test of my willpower. I’ve failed a few times. I’ve succeeded many times. The mountains have broken me open more times than I can count.

Hiking is my passion. I’m here to share that passion through my words, videos and photography.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find some enjoyment here and please feel free to share any thoughts you may have!

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